Into the cloud with the mini PLCs and PACcubes

Have a look at how to get data from the BARTH mini PLCs lococube® into the cloud. The mini PLCs send the data to the PACcubes Station over CAN bus, the PACcubes Station then sends them to the cloud. Thus, the data can be accessed over the smartphone.

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Experimental setup with STG-570, STG-700 and stepper motor

The idea is to use the STG-570 CAN to communicate with the STG-700 STEP via CAN bus. A stepper motor is controlled by a potentiometer.

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Right use of Flow Chart blocks

The Flow Chart library provides the possibility to realize flow chart programming, e.g. it provides function blocks to manipulate the control flow of the program.

With this kind of programming, new programming concepts can be implemented. Multiple quasi-parallel flows can run in one task now. Furthermore, further flows can be controlled with special parameters, so a flow can be stopped or it can be restarted. Read more...

Repetitive waveform of three pulses

You will find two variants of a miCon-L application for a repetitive waveform of three pulses as download.

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In the application you can find a solution for calculating an average.

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Welding Tractor

Dr. Pinkernelle from the company iWeld Systems shows and introduces the usage of the Mini PLC STG-500 in their own welding tractors. Read more...