29Bit CAN – Receive message

This block makes it possible to configure a CAN receive message. The block represents the values received recently.

Max. 8 RX messages can be configured. Further messages will be marked as errors.

They can be overwritten multiply during one program cycle f. e.:

  • CAN message will be send with 2 ms,
  • the cycle of the program task is 10 ms,
  • the message is received 4 times, the block gives out the recently received values.

If the output “NewDat” is permanently on High, at least 1 message has been received between 2 program cycles.


Over the parameter dialog (call during implementation of the block or over the context menu):

  • the CAN ID (29 Bit),
  • an optional description for messages (only for documenting reasons),
  • the inputs regarding their data type,
  • and an optional description for the regarding input (only for documenting reasons)

can be configured.

Errors during ID giving (decimal/hexadecimal are possible) or configuration of the length of the message (maximum 8 Byte above the assigned data types) are noted accordingly.


Using multiple receive indicator blocks with the same ID is not valid and will be shown as error during download.

Over the error browser the remarked blocks can be searched.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
bSend I BIT Receive message
Data 1-8 O UCHAR, WORD, LONG, FLOAT Output signals