Display String

Using this function block, parameterized text can be displayed at the current position.



The selected text is displayed (as far as possible) in the block. The index of the selected text is displayed in the block on the bottom left.


The parameterization of the texts (100 texts with up to 16 characters), can be done over "Extra - Menu" or about the function block itself (not in the online mode). The texts can be edited directly. Click "OK", all changes are applied.

The printable characters are defined by the character set of the display. The "@" must not be used. It is used internally as a wildcard for spaces.

The texts are held in a project-oriented file. You can also be changed in this file. If more than 16 characters are entered, they will be truncated to 16 characters.


The texts are written during the download of the project to the FLASH. They can’t be changed during run time.