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Version Date Description
miCon-L 3.8.1 17 Dec 2021 WCU860S is supported now
Maintenance and corrections
miCon-L 3.8 01 Oct 2018 STG-860 is supported now (controller with 48Volts)
replaces the preview version
miCon-L 3.7 02 Nov 2017 STG-820 and STG-850 are supported now
miCon-L 3.6.1
miCon-L 3.6
06 Mar 2017
21 Feb 2017
Bug fix: STG-800 (FlowChart) + extension project Lib-test
STG-800 is supported now
miCon-L 3.5 03 Aug 2016 STG-580 MOD and STG-680 MOD now support modbus
STG-700 has a stepper motor
miCon-L 3.4 19 May 2016 Support of the STG-32 and driver setup available
Note: The RS-232 driver can be found in folder miCon-L -> SETUP -> USBdriver
miCon-L 3.3.1 23 Oct 2015 A new CAN function block library V2.0 (CAN2.0B with 29 Bit Identifier) is integrated in miCon-L.
Note: You can use the new CAN Library only with a compatible version of STG-550 or STG 650.
miCon-L 3.3 17 Sept 2015 STG-550 and STG-650 were added
.... .... ....
miCon-L 1.0 24 May 2012 First miCon-L version for STG-500

Change log for miCon-L

Change log for miCon-L


Functionality miCon-L Controller (STG) Remarks
FlowChart programming miCon-L 3.3 or higher STG-115: V1.0.2.0 or higher If you do not have the correct controller version, you will receive warnings, that the function blocks are not included in the target system. If you still load the program onto the controller, all steps will be processed without delay. In that case, the display of the controller will flicker.