PWM Output

This function block creates a pulse width modulated signal for the output port OUT5.

For this signal a base frequency has to be selected. Additionally the input Duty defines the pulse width (in percent), i.e. the HIGH portion of the length of a single cycle period.


If the function block “OUT5” is used as digital output and PWM output in the project at the same time, the block number is deciding which function is assigned to the output.

In this case, output 9 is used as PWM, as is comes before the block “digital output”.

In this case output 9 is used as digital output. Even though the PWM block has the number 1 as block number, it is read as block number 6 in the macro, which means after the block “digital output”.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
Duty I WORD Pulse width in [%]