Special functions

This block is generic. The available range of functions depends on a configuration, which fits to the target system.

Basically, there are the block types “Set” (write), “Get” (read) and “Call” (execute).

This block interface is used to create special or rarely used functions in an easy way. This also includes the documentation, which is normally available in a separate help file


The specific function can be set over the parameter dialog.

A filter for the range of functions is set over the “Access level” (Non, Basic, Advanced, Production, Admin).

Furthermore there is a type filer (Set, Get, Call).

Functions named in the “Function list” can be selected. A short help is shown accordingly.

When accepting with the “OK” button, the selection is applied and the block is generated.

Functions can only be changed in edit mode.

In run mode the parameter dialog can be called for documentation purposes. However, no changes are admitted.


Name I/O Type(s) Function
See dialog