This block creates an input for the structure block into whose worksheet it was inserted.

When the block is inserted on the worksheet, the name of the structure-block connector can be entered and the data type can be selected. The name appears on the left side of the block symbol. It must be unambiguous i.e. no other input or output block in the structure block may bear the same name. Therefore, an unambiguous name is suggested after inserting the block on the worksheet. Any data type defined in the system can be selected.

The data type of the structure block connector can be selected from a list. The size of the list depends on the number of configured data types. Besides the standard data types, user defined data types can also be assigned. Like the connections, the input block is also colored depending on the data type.

The output of the input block can be connected with compatible inputs of other blocks in the worksheet. Before connecting the newly created structure block input it must be placed on the symbol of the structure block in the design view.


The parameter dialog can be used to assign a name and select a data type when inserting the function block. When used at a later point, only the name can be changed.


The output depends on the assigned data type.


No signal processing


The input block is colored depending on the data type, just like the signal lines.