Overview of the Mini-PLC specifications

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Specification_Mini-PLC_V2.1.pdf (202.9 KiB)

Feature: Reset circuit to clear the program

The application saved in the PLC can be cleared manually without access by the programming system. This can be helpful if the PLC cannot longer be reached via the communication route of the programming system.

Deleting procedure:

  • When starting the PLC (Power on) the Pins Rx and Tx of the programming interface must be connected directly (e.g. bypassed by wire) (See hardware documentation (manual) for pin assignment https://barth-elektronik.com/en/getstarted.html) (For that purpose, the VK-10 / VK-16 must be disconnected)
  • If the bridge has been recognized correctly, the status LED alternates between on and off with changing brightness (fading).
  • After repeated pulsations (5 times in approximately 5 seconds) the application will be cleared and the PLC can be reprogrammed.


To review data sheets and hardware specifications, please visit the website https://barth-elektronik.com.