Which connectors are used with the BARTH Mini-PLC series?

Last update on 11-04-2018 by Katja Lehmann.

The spring terminal connectors shipped with every BARTH Mini PLC lococube® are the following:


The manufacturers article numbers are:

2-pole: 1952267
3-pole: 1952270
4-pole: 1952283
5-pole: 1952296
9-pole: 1952335
10-pole: 1952348

Why do I measure a voltage at one output which should be low?

Last update on 11-04-2018 by Katja Lehmann.

BARTH Mini PLCs lococube® integrates Smart Highside Driver ICs for the output circuit. There is a very low leakage (nA) current which pulls up the voltage to VDD. The impedance of a modern digital multimeter is high enough to float the measured output pin. A resistor <100kOhm or load at any output pin will guarantee a stable low voltage.

Why can't I get a signal at the PWM output?

Last update on 13-04-2016 by Katja Lehmann.

The PWM outputs are low-side switches. The load has to be wired to VDD and will be switched to ground.

How do I find a function block?

Last update on 18-01-2017 by Katja Lehmann.

Function blocks are summarized in libraries. Which block can be found in which library depends on the block programmer and is oriented at the clustering criteria, which was valid when the block was implemented or the statement of requirements was valid.

One block should only be available in one library. As mostly different aspects exist for clustering blocks, there is another way to cluster the blocks besides the general block library.

The Favorites are a method to cluster the blocks.

Integrated search block function

There is the possibility to find the block using the integrated block search function.

ATTENTION: Only blocks, from which the library is loaded in the project are considered in the search.