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Simple graphical programming

Simply program the controls:

- STG-115,
- STG-500,
- STG-501,
- STG-550 CAN,
- STG-600,
- STG-650 CAN.

Barth Elektronik receives Global Supplier Award for Innovation

Lindsley Ruth (left) handing over the Global Supplier Award to Daniel Barth (right).

On April 9, 2016, Barth Elektronik was granted the Global Supplier Award for Innovation for their mini PLCs of the STG series in Hong Kong. During the Hong Kong Sevens, the worldwide most famous rugby tournament, the award has been granted by RS Components, a globally operating supplier for electronic components. The mini PLCs especially stand out because of their small and solid size. Furthermore, a high user-friendliness is guaranteed by the graphical programming software miCon-L, which is part of the great success.

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3.2 t Wheel Loader overruns BARTH Mini-PLC

If the video does not work, you can click here to watch.

To show how tough and resistant Barth's mini PLC is, we would like to demonstrate, that not even a 3.2 t wheel loader can destroy the controller.

Connect Graf-Syteco’s robust display over CAN bus

In this example we will show you, how you can connect the mini PLC STG-650 and STG-550 with a graphic display of the company Graf-Syteco over CAN bus. Graf-Syteco’s displays are mainly used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles and the navy, so they are the ideal addition to the robust mini PLCs of the company Barth.

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CAN 2.0B with 29 Bit Identifier

As a part of a project, miCon-L has been extended by the possibility to support CAN 2.0B with 29 Bit identifiers. Now, the mini PLCs STG-550 and STG-650 can be used in the area commercial vehicles, vessels, rail vehicles and agricultural machinery.


Barth STG600/STG650 CAN Mini PLC

If the video does not work, you can click here to watch.

Martin Lorton names some application examples, shows the specifications for the STG-600 and STG-650 CAN and gives a short overview over miCon-L.

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Peter Oakes/STG-600

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Peter Oakes is an engineering blogger from Canada, who works with many technologies for the application of micro controllers. In this video Peter Oakes introduces the STG-600 and our programming system miCon-L.

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Installation and First steps

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How to download and install the software?

What do I do first?

How do I connect my PLC with the computer?

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