Change log miCon-L

Devicepack V3.7.0.3 (2017-11-02)
  - Bugfix: example projects: IO DEMO STG-32/550/570/580/606/650/680/WCU-650: macro: "99.1.COUNTER" corrected and changed

Devicepack V3.7.0.2 (2017-11-01)
  - New: timer (Float) (V2.1) available for STG-580 and STG-680
  - New: test project "TIMER_TEST" for timer(Float) (V2.1) für STG-580, STG-680, STG-800
  - New: test project "LIB_TEST" for standard blocks for STG-580, STG-680

 Devicepack V3.7.0.1 (2017-10-26)
  - Change: incomplete template for STG-85 has been removed.
  - Bugfix: CAN for STG-8xx: 29Bit-IDs has been realized with 16bit, however incompletely.

 Devicepack V3.7.0 (2017-10-25)
  - New: support of STG-820, STG-850 (template, libraries, and examples)
  - New: example for DMA-20 (STG-570, STG-800)
  - New: Modbus for STG-580/680: Parameter dialog enhanced with the setting possibility for parity and the number of stop bits
  - New: timer (float) (V2.1): corrected and changed behavior of the clock generator
  - Bugfix: CAN for STG-800: There is no need for the presence of CAN receiver blocks to ensure the correct function
  - Bugfix: Help for the input/output library of the STG-800 (PWM frequency range)
  - Bugfix: clock generator in "timer (float) (V1.1)" (cycle length corrected in "timer (float) (V2.1)")

 Devicepack V3.6.1 (2017-03-06)
  - Change: enhancement of the example "LIB_TEST"
  - Bugfix: STG-800 (FlowChart)

 Devicepack V3.6.0 (2017-02-21)
  - New: support of STG-800 (template, libraries, and examples)
  - New libraries from STG-800 onwards: PID controller, signal generators, numeric, transmission element, shift and rotate
  - New from STG-800 onwards: system access blocks used for reading out system data (boot counter, UID of the controller, ...) but also for the activation of special functions (PWM measurement, encoder function, ..)

 Devicepack V3.5 (2016-08-03)
  - New: support of STG-580, STG-680, STG-700 (templates, libraries, examples)
  - New: library for the communication via Modbus
  - New: library for the control of a stepper motor
  - New: block for the measurement of the CPU load
  - Bugfix: CAN: simultaneous usage of an identifier in 11-bit format and in 29-bit format is now possible

 Devicepack V3.4 (2016-05-19)
  - New: support of the STG-32 (derivation from STG-550, template, adaption of the examples)

 Devicepack V3.3.1 (2015-10-23)
  - New: CAN layer 2 library (V2.0) (29-bit identifier)
  - Change: all projects and templates using CAN
  - Bugfix: path set for simulation DLLs (warning for missing I/O blocks in the simulation disabled)
  - Bugfix: help for the Flowchart in English language (was in German language already available)

 Devicepack V3.3 (2015-09-23)
  - New: support of STG-550, STG-650, STG-606 (templates, libraries, and examples)
  - New: CAN layer 2 library (V1.0)
  - Bugfix: example "OPERATING_HOURS" has been corrected

 Devicepack V3.2 (2014-10-10)
  - New: support of WCU-501

 Devicepack V3.0 (2013-12-03)
  - Templates + aids for STG-1X0

 Devicepack V2.0 (2013-10-29)
  - Pictures and examples adjusted for STG-600

 Devicepack STG-600 (2013-10-21)
  - New: support of STG-600 (templates, libraries, and examples)

 Devicepack STG-500 (2012-11-16)
  - Actualization
 Devicepack V1.0 (2012-05-24)
  - 1. Release